Wednesday, November 16, 2011

CollegeBudget Makes Empact100 List has just been featured in the Empact100 list, recognizing the top 100 companies run by young entrepreneurs age 30 or younger who impact our economy. As a result, the CollegeBudget team has been invited to a recognition presentation at the White House. CollegeBudget is a startup dedicated to making college more affordable by implementing student discounts and collective buying in the retail, textbook and student loan space. More simply, they are like the Groupon for college, specializing in college daily deals.

Our own CampusBuddy founder, Mike Moradian, is also the co-founder and president of CollegeBudget. If you have any questions that you would like to ask the White House, please message us or post a response to this message.

Also: CollegeBudget is currently ranked #2 in the Empact100 list. Help the team get to the top spot: vote here.

Young entrepreneurs are not just America’s future. They’re America’s present. The Empact100 list represents the talent and potential of today's young entrepreneurs. It is meant to inspire others to join the movement to revitalize our economy by starting a business.

- Carl Schramm, CEO, Kauffman Foundation


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