Monday, August 8, 2011

Should I go to Harvard? Social Media Vote Decides for CEO

Founder and CEO of allows world to vote on whether he attends Harvard Business School or remains at

LOS ANGELES, August 8, 2011 — Mike Moradian, the founder and CEO of is faced with an incredibly difficult decision - whether to attend Harvard Business School, a top-ranked MBA program at one the most prestigious universities in the world, or forge ahead with his newly launched startup, which seeks to revolutionize student discounts and finances. “They are both opportunities of a lifetime, but in order to make an impact, I can really only choose one” says Moradian, who was ranked America’s Best Young Entrepreneur in 2010 by Bloomberg Businessweek. In a totally unprecedented move, Mike has opened up his decision to attend Harvard to public vote at

Over 20,000 people have cast their votes since the poll opened up last week to users of CollegeBudget. Today, the poll opens up to all members of the public. “I’m taking this very seriously” says Moradian.

“The rising cost of tuition and the growing inaccessibility of affordable education for the average student is one the most pressing issues facing Americans. Although, I alone can’t address all of the problems surrounding the rising cost of higher education, innovation is desperately needed and my hope is that we can at least help reduce some of the costs for students while also developing a viable business that prospers by helping people.”

Over 100 companies have already signed up to give limited time students discounts of 50% off or more., a textbook rental service, is currently offering 60% off the cost of Textbook Rentals through CollegeBudget only. This deal is available on CollegeBudget from Monday, August 8th through Friday, August 12th.

Moradian explains, “I’m willing to walk away from what could be a once in a lifetime educational opportunity, but only if I feel that other people share my vision for CollegeBudget and see the value in what we can do for college students. The choice is yours America, choose wisely.”

About CollegeBudget officially launched on August 1, 2011. It aims to revolutionize student deals and reduce the costs of college life for students across the nation. The service saves students money through exclusive discounts and collective social buying. In addition to student deals, CollegeBudget aims to bring collective social buying and most importantly deep discounts to every facet of the college student experience, including textbooks, student loans, and potentially one day even tuition. CollegeBudget currently represents over half a million college subscribers and has already saved students over one million dollars collectively.

To vote, comment or get updates go to:

For more information about CollegeBudget, visit:


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