Sunday, August 1, 2010

Spam Problems? How to avoid spam in college

The beginning of the school year is brings opportunities to network and do all types of new things. Taekwondo club, underwater basket weaving and other activities seem like they will be great new hobbies to pick up for the year. Two weeks into school, you realize you're over it and their weekly e-mails are starting to feel like weekly spam. Here's some advice on how to avoid the problem of spam in college:

1: Disguise your e-mail:
Make it more difficult for spammy groups to get your address by writing illegibly or typing it confusingly when you use it in groups, forums and the like.

2: Use disposible e-mail addresses:
It takes 2 minutes to sign up for another g-mail account or the like. Take that time upfront to make a second "questionable e-mails" e-mail address and forward those messages to your main e-mail. If the quantity or quality of the e-mails from that account becomes too much, simply discontinue using it and move on to a new secondary e-mail address.

3: Use crazy long e-mail addresses:
Spammers like to guess e-mails, and if your name is Jane Smith they'll probably be able to guess In order to avoid the spammers, get tricky is highly unlikely to be guessed by "Guess Spammers" and will therefore help keep your e-mail addresses even safer.