Tuesday, December 8, 2009

College & Professor Grade Distributions: Official Information Only

A post by CampusBuddy Founder Mike Moradian. To see official grade distributions from over 250 universities, probably including yours, visit our academic edge section here.

Q: What does it mean that CampusBuddy displays "Official Grade Distributions?"

A: It means exactly that. CampusBuddy attains all of its grade information directly from the respective university registrars. The same grades that are kept under lock and key at a university, are available for all to see (stripped of student's names of course) here on CampusBuddy.com. The CampusBuddy team has spent years tirelessly pursuing this data in an effort to make the grading process more transparent and open for everyone.

Q: Why care to know this information?

You've spent years of your life working towards the college of your choice. You've paid thousands in tuition for your education, and carefully researched what major you want to pursue. You will invest literally hundreds of hours over the coming term to work for the best grade you can-- the grade that will reflect your knowledge to future grad schools and employers alike. When your grade is often the only tangible indication of your knowledge, why would you not invest to find out how out how hard a particular class or professor is before you take it?

The concept of not being educated about your education seems boggling at times. You are a hardworking student, who is about to work your tail off for 3-6 months straight, shouldn't you have an idea of how hard the class or professor you are taking is? Not knowing how hard a class is is like taking a full-time job, but having no idea about the salary until the project is done. Virtually no one says it is trivial to know what you should expect in that case.

Work in progress. more coming soon...

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