Monday, November 30, 2009

Goodbye to Facebook Verified Apps! (We'll miss you)

Today is the last day Facebook Apps will be verified. CampusBuddy was honored to both have been a part of the verification process and to have been one of only 120 founding Facebook verified apps. The initiative that Facebook took with this process was incredibly useful in helping to identify and promote dedicated long-term application developers, and we would have liked to have seen this program flourish further instead of being retired.

The CampusBuddy Facebook Application, with over 150,000 Monthly Active Users (pictured above) has been showing very steady growth since the introduction of the Facebook Verified Program and will likely miss the Verified App perks while trying to attract new users.

We, at CampusBuddy, are looking forward to releasing some nice new Facebook features. In the holiday spirit, our wish this year is that Facebook stabilize the platform more in order allow developers more time to focus on building quality product and less on updating apps to Facebook platform changes and policy updates.

Friday, November 20, 2009

CampusBuddy Forums launch today

Today, CampusBuddy is formally launching our new "Forums" section, where students can actively discuss college life, admissions, grad schools, careers and much more. We feel that an open dialogue on these subjects will help students explore their interests and academic goals.

The forum section features individual sections for thousands of US colleges, as well as more broad national-level forums, for subjects such as Computers, Fitness, Style, Health and Relationships. We hope that this will help connect students with specialty or niche interests to other like-minded students in a more simply way.

To see the new Campus Buddy Forums go to: