Tuesday, August 25, 2009

About CampusBuddy

Welcome to CampusBuddy.
CampusBuddy's mission is simple:
"To make it easier, much easier, for students to network and share with classmates."
The same principle applies to making it much easier for universities and professors to network and share with students as well.

Since launching on Facebook last October we have received quite a bit of praise from being ranked as the #4 best way to pick a college using Social Media by Mashable, to being selected as 1 of only 120 verified applications on Facebook.

CampusBuddy is a community, so please take a moment to connect with us too!
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Thank you very much!

P.S. CampusBuddy is one word. You wouldn't say Face Book, My Space or Black Berry, and the same goes with Campus Buddy. ;)

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